Why Environmentalism and Exchanges are a Perfect Match


If we look at the world as a snow globe, 70% of which is a single interconnected ocean, perhaps we would be more cognizant of the way we interact with these critical elements. Young people have been keen (even “hip”?) to the way mankind has been, at worse, abusive, and at best, benign toward protection of the environment since the 1960s. But, most young people grow old and become more concerned with raising a family and assuring a minimum economic level to support that family.

And, the environment continues to deteriorate.

我们认为,我们需要继续通过交流(并促进他们努力的结果)继续联系年轻人,以影响持久的变化,希望随着这些年轻人的年龄增长。我们的许多计划都188金宝搏什么时候可以登帮助来自世界各地的参与者聚集在一起,以激发他们对环境和能源问题的长期看法。但是一个人脱颖而出:Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI).

Photo Credit: Mollie Taylor (YSEALI)

YSEALI: Environmentalism and the Power of Exchanges

TheYSEALI Generation Earthworkshop took place in Siem Reap, Cambodia in April. This four-day workshop brought together nearly 100 Southeast Asian and American young people to share best practices and resources to address a wide variety of environmental sustainability issues.YSEALIis an effort of the Obama Administration to unite the rising generation of young people from the 10 ASEAN member nations, and to signal support for their professional development by the government and people of the United States.

My involvement in the workshop blew open my naïve understanding of rapidly-evolving Southeast Asia. I always admired the region (lived there when I was young), but the collection of amazing characters we brought to this workshop whacked me in the head – opening my eyes to their passion, a yearning to make a positive difference in their communities (and the world), and let’s be honest, their impatience.

The YSEALI Generation Earth in April 2015 gave new meaning to immersive learning. Photo credit: Todd Freimuth
2015年4月的Yseali Generation Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth赋予了“沉浸式学习”的新含义。图片来源:Todd Freimuth


Cambodia was evidence that these young people are infused with a passion for addressing global challenges. And they are aiming their passion toward building a cleaner and more environmentally sustainable ASEAN region – which can only help the entire world. To paraphrase one the participants of the Cambodia workshop: “We are creating our weapons of mass instruction.”

The Next Chapter: YSEALI Generation OCEANS

从3月16日至20日,我们将管理YSEALI Generation Oceans印度尼西亚雅加达的研讨会。我们正在为最严重的海洋和沿海问题开发64名崛起的领导人,以制定政策,技术和民间社会解决方案。他们将制定行动计划和现实世界应用程序,以使变革成为可能,并与东盟各地的年轻人合作​​。


Wouldn’t it be cool if we could someday measure and report on the reduction in greenhouse gases or the number of plastic bottles kept from entering the ocean resulting from knowledge and experience gained from an international exchange?

Such an “adapt and trade” quotient may end up being the key factor in keeping our snow globe clear and blue.

Find out more aboutYSEALI Generation Oceansand follow along with#YSEALIoceans

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  1. 这篇文章对我来说是如此有意义,如此多的海洋问题,我们可以找到美国的水质,海洋栖息地和其他人的脆弱性,对这项活动充满希望,我们可以为环境做出贡献。


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